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Фирма за Хотелска Анимация - Лидер в сферата на забавленията


Hotel Animation:

This is the service our team of animators offers with confidence and self-esteem. Thanks to the experience we have gained in various hotels and tourist complexes around the world, we have become one of the leading providers of Hotel Animation service for children and adults. We offer a quality animated product - without analogue. See in detail how can we make your hotel a favorite place for tourism.


We also organize: Birthdays, Parties, Events, Competitions. You must organize an event and you are looking for a trusted partner to help you with the organization? No problem. We at Beach Vacance are pleased to make your celebration a real and unique entertainment memory. Our animators have different costumes to make your holiday your favorite theme. Contact us to find out more.

Team Building:

The best solution for all people who are engrossed in the stressful daily routine. Do you want to unite the team and break the barriers between them? Our team building programs are the perfect option. Together with our animators, you will have fun from the heart and finally you will have a real team of united and happy people.
We look forward to discuss everything we can contribute with for your team.

Are you looking for a job as Hotel Entertainer? Apply now!

Hotel Animation Types:

Kids Animation:

Each parent dreams of enjoying his vacation while his child is in safe hands. Thanks to our Kids Animators and our special program, kids will have the opportunity to embark on many adventures and games as well as to develop their logical and social skills . And for older children over 12, we have prepared our special Teen animation program.

Sports Animation:

Our unique Sports Animation Program is suitable for people of all ages. We organize a huge variety of sports activities for children, teenagers and adults. Morning Aerobics, Sports Competitions and Tournaments, Pool Games, Dance Classes, Archery and Rifle Shooting, and many more. Our sports animators have prepared something for every guest at the hotel.

Evening Animation:

Tourists will have the opportunity to watch different show programs every night. They will laugh at heart, dance with soul and have fun with our animators and everything they will see in our Evening Animation Program. Dancing from all over the world, Comedy Evenings, Sketches, Fire Show, Audience Gaming, and many more will leave a lasting impression on every spectator's mind.

Who are we?

We at BeachVacance are a proven leader in the field of Hotel Animation and Entertainment Services and offer the hotel animation product for children and adults. We have been in the tourist market for the 12 years we have established as one of the leading animation companies. Thanks to our proven experience in the tourism that we have acquired in various popular destinations around the world, we have been able to offer an animation product to meet the needs of every tourist. Our company operates in several different destinations and in recent years the number of hotels we work with, has increased at a rapid speed.What distinguishes us from other companies for animators is our ability to offer a different and innovative animation product, built from our experience over the years.
We also rely on a team of trained people - Children and Sports Animators, as well as professional dancers and choreographers.
The motto that we believe in is that working as an Animator is not just a job but a vocation!
Our varied animation program is proven in time and everything we organize is equivalent to the Hotel Animation Services and Entertainment Worldwide! See everything we offer and how we can help you turn your hotel into a favorite holiday place.

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