Kids Animation

Децата са най-важните гости в хотела!
Заедно с нашите Детски Аниматори, те ще могат да се впуснат в невероятни забавления и безкрайни игри, които ще стимулират тяхното въображение и логическо мислене.

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Thematic days

Разнообразната ни детска анимационна програма, в която са включени много и интересни Тематични дни, през които с екипа аниматори на BeachVacance, децата ще бъдат Пирати, търсейки съкровища, друг път - Индианци. Ще научават много интересни факти за България и още много и интересни забавления.

Creative Activities

We strive to teach the children of Social Responsibility, which they will take to the family as well as to society. Under the guidance of our animators from Beach Vacancies, children will produce souvenirs and gifts for Mama, make Jewels, Paintings, participate in exhibitions and many other activities.

Interactive Games

Extremely varied portfolio of children's games designed to develop their imagination, fantasy and logic. Thanks to the Kids Animation that we from BeachVacance can organize, the kids attention is directed to the goal that they follow during the time the game continues.

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Dance Lessons

Children will become a team of dancers, and our animators will teach them funny and funny songs. We will also look for different talents: Singers, Actresses and other special skills. Every child will have the opportunity to show off their talents acquire confidence in its talents in the future.

Sports games

Who said "Competition"? Let's start! Wide range of games - duels, pairs games, and individual games. Children's Water Ball, Children's Football, Limbo for Kids, Gymnastics for Kids, Rack Games, Rally Club, Children's Disco in the Pool.Our Kids Entertainers will record the result.

Every day is different

Our rich animation program will make all guests immerse in our thematic days. A variety of Pirate Days, Indian Day, Hawaiian Day, Bulgarian Day are just part of our program where children will immerse themselves and experience unforgettable moments.

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