Join the BeachVacance`s Animation Team!

You are funny, radiant and you like meeting new people?
This is your opportunity! The job as a Hotel Animator guarantees you will spend your best summer ever!
It will help you build yourself as a person, practice various sports, discover your talents, and learn new languages!

Hey there, you want to join our animation team, but you have no experience as hotel animator/entertainer or you are not familiar with the work?
No problem!
Apply with us, and if you are approved we will contact you!
Then we will teach you all the intricacies and details of the Animator's work!
The only thing that you MUST have is desire for developing your skills! We will show you everything else!

Work as Hotel Animator - Entertainer at BeachVacance.

Being an Animator is a vocation! This is our motto. There is no better job for a person who likes being among people, communicating with them and having fun together. If you want people to know you and to bring genuine entertainment to them, the moment they see you. If you DO NOT want to work all day at a desk in an office. If you want to move, have fun with your guests and are open to new dating with different people - then ANIMATOR is the work for you!
Where can you work? Currently, we at BeachVacance, work with different hotels in Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Nessebar, Obzor, Varna, Golden Sands, Kranevo, Sv. Constantine and Helena. We look forward to your application! We look forward to adding more followers to our team! We are waiting for your application! We will be happy to add more proselytes to our team!

In case you have no experience as Hotel Animator, but you want to get acquainted with the profession, in the slide below you will see basic information that will be very useful to you. Note that the slide information is only in Bulgarian language*

Кандидатствайте за
Аниматор при нас,
by the form below.

We want to inform you that there are not always free positions for animators, but that should not refuse you!
We will process your data and, in case a vacancy is released, we will contact you.
Good Luck!


    You are a hotelier and you need a Company for animators?
    Contact us, and we'll take care of everything else!