Evening animation and show programs.

Evening animation is the wonderful end of the long summer day. Our team offers a rich portfolio of show programs that will leave a lasting memory in the minds of each viewer.
The incredible animations of BeachVacance animators, as artists from the most popular dance and music performances from around the world, make every show a true spectacle.
A tremendous variety of Dance show shows, Comedy and Moderation programs, multiple Skech shows, quizzes and many others that are an integral part of our evening animation program.

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Dance Performances

The Evening Animation Program is an indispensable part of everyday life and also a spectacular event for every tourist.
The animators from Beach Vacans, who will perform the Irish Dance or Dance Magic of the World, the Bulgarian Folklore Show and the magnificent Latin Show, stop the breath of every spectator who sees them.


Classical and well-known sketches, as well as comedy programs - some of them traditional and some a little more modern. A combination of sketch and dance mixes, shaping our evening animation program, thoroughly prepared by the Beach Vacancies team, where there is no repeatability unique each time to keep the interest of the tourist.

Audience games

Different and entertaining games with the audience: Men vs. Women, Ghost Duel, Miss and Mister, who will keep the sporting spirit of the guests as well as their pride for victory. Beach Vacancies animators will motivate them to give all of themselves and defeat competition - on our scene, in front of all other hotel guests.

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Interesting questions from around the world, covering a variety of areas, aiming to check the knowledge of the guests. The Animation Team of Beach Vacances is ready with a wide variety of exciting Quizzes - standard and musical, Bingo, Talent Evens, Contests and many others to offer in our evening animation program.

Fire Show

The evening animation is unchangeable part from our program, prepared and performed by the animators of Beach Vacance`s team.
Do you think there is a person who would not admire the masterful performance of spinning the well-known burning balls with bare hands? A really spectacular and breathtaking show that will leave even the harshest critic without words.

Themed parties

Is there a person who does not like a summer party, no matter the theme? Latin party, Hawaii party or White party, why not? Various variations of summer thematic parties, which are part of our evening animation program, will make every tourist experience the magic that our animators will be organizing.