You are a hotelier and you need a Company for animators?

Trust a professional partner and a proven leader in the field of Tourist Animation and Entertainment.

See what distinguishes us from other animator companies and why we are a preferred and trusted partner for organizing entertainment in the tourist market.

The presence of Animators in the hotel is not a luxury or a fad, but a necessity.

The widespread use of technology and the internet is a prerequisite for the creation of numerous online booking websites. Taking into account the fact that tourists are becoming more and more demanding for the services they receive and the huge choice they offer, working in the field of tourism, we need to do more and more to justify their expectations.

On the other hand, you, as a hotelier, also come across multiple online offers for any animation and entertainment service. Here comes the difficult choices you have to make. Trust a partner to present your hotel in the best way so that the number of satisfied tourists grows avalanche.

Here we interact from BeachVacance`s with our professional expertise and experience.

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What do we offer that other animator companies can not and why you trust us exactly?

Quality Control

The most important thing that distinguishes us and gives us precedence over other hotel animation companies is our daily presence in the hotels we work with. Very often the reason for the collapse of relations between other animation companies and hotels is the fact that you do not have a permanent feedback from what's happening in the Hotel Animation Department. We at BeachVacance are responsible people, and as such, we and our Coordinators are every day at our sites to respond adequately and in a timely manner of every occurrence.

Qualified animators

We at BeachVacance, fund and organize the whole process of preparing and training our animators. We work with years of staff with whom we have gone through many different situations. We are constantly updating our database by keeping track of current trends in the tourism industry. Thus, as a hotelier, you will be pleased that our department represents you and your hotel at a world-class level, offering a contemporary and competitive animated product.

We value your time

We appreciate the responsibilities and commitments with which you, as a hotelier, are busy. We maintain the appropriate relationship between our partners and that is why we strive not to waste your time with information.
You expect professional attitude and get it from our team.
We are responsible for every detail that is part of our animation program.
We know that respect is the foundation of long-standing relationships between partners!

Still wondering if we are the right choice?

We from  BeachVacance - Hotel Entertainment, we rely on long-term relationships that we maintain with all of our partners. The trust we have built is the solid foundation on which we build our future partners and projects that we realize.

 If you still have questions or need clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.We will give you a detailed presentation of everything we can do for you and your hotel and we will prepare an individual offer according to the material base with which your hotel has.

 Trust the professionals in the field of tourist animation and entertainment. 

We are the team of  BeachVacance - Hotel Animation Company

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