Sports Animation

водна гимнастика спортна анимация

Sports Animation

Big part of the Animation in Tourism is built precisely on Sports Animation, which is a variety of different activities: sports games and tournaments.

Our sports animation program is an extremely important element in our work, which plays a very big role in our overall tourist activities.

Here you can see a more detailed description of our sports program and get a better idea of ​​its nature.

Major factors on which the BeachVacance Team's Sports Animation Program is based

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Morning Activities

The great start of the day begins with morning games. Our sports animators prepare guests gradually and smoothly to enter the pace of the day with a variety of morning activities, starting with Morning Gymnastics, Stretching, Yoga, Pilates and many others that are suitable for early-morning tourists .

Sports Activites

After the morning program is the order of the more dynamic activities before and after lunch, which the team of Sports Animators of Beach Vacances has prepared: Water gymnastics, Water volleyball, Table tennis, Darts, Cocktail games around the pool, Football, Beach volleyball, Tutorials dancing and much more.
This is a very small part of the sports activities that we can organize.

Team Games

Our Sports Animators are also willing to organize many team games and activities, including: Salsa Lessons, Tennis Lessons, Badminton Lessons, Golf Lessons, Baseball Lessons, Zumba, Archery, Shooting, Sjoelbak , Shaffleboard, Dance lessons, Bicycle (Petanque), Aerobics and many, many other team games for the toruists.

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Това е само малка част от същинската Спортна програма на BeachVacance
Attention to the details

This is what we hold extremely much for! Thanks to our Sports Animators, each of the tourists gets individual attention and attitude, thanks to which everyone feels special. Our job is to make people happy and make them to come back to us again.

Diet for those who want

For our starker tourists, in the BeachVacance team of sports animators, we also have a professional athlete and nutritionist who, if requested by guests, will set up a diet for anyone wishing to take advantage of our services.

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