Who are we?

Ние в BeachVacance, сме екип от високо квалифицирани и безкрайно мотивирани Аниматори.
Основната ни цел и мисия е да организираме безкрайни забавления и приятни преживявания на туристите.
Успешно предлагаме услугите си в множество хотели по Българското Черноморие, в най-популярните морски курорти.

The story of BeachVacance began 12 years ago. We were a group of enthusiasts willing to prove themselves and put themselves on the market in the field of tourism.

We started with a knowledge base that we had gained as animators and animation team leaders in Bulgaria, and subsequently in other different countries - Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, England, Germany and Spain.

About us беше важна мисия да се концентрираме и да извлечем най-доброто от всеки детайл, който сме научили през тези години и да го преобразуваме в Анимационен продукт, на високо международно ниво.

След това успяхме да го наложим на Българския туристически пазар и към днешна дата с гордост можем да кажем, че сме една от водещите фирми за Хотелска Анимация.

Are you looking for a job as an animator?
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We succeed together!


Every Animator of the team of Beach Vacance is casting and training, fully funded by us. In the basics of training, the basic practices in the profession of Hotel Animator are studied and applied. We have distinct rules that have been proven to work over the years. Thanks to them, we are teaching Future Animators on the basics of Animation in Tourism and details of the Hotel Animation.

Our Animators

BeachVacance, creates a team of professionals in the field of hotel animation in tourism to meet the needs of our clients by providing them with the service they want. We bet on proactive people with bold ideas that freely express their opinions. We maintain honest relationships both in our team and in relationships with ours. We do not choose employees, we are looking for partners with whom we meet our goals together!

Animation Team

Our goal is for every animator from BeachVacance to feel committed to the work and the team he works in, as well as to understand the impact he has on achieving our ultimate goal and results. We know that one of the key factors for our animators is the fact that their contribution has a positive impact and reflects the holiday of tourists who have decided to choose a hotel where our team organizes Hotel Animation and Entertainment.

Вие сте хотелиер и Ви трябва фирма за Хотелска Анимация?
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